tisdag 25 mars 2008

What a surprise! Swedish television tries something new :-)

I quite often write about stuff in the Swedish papers and it's a shame you can't read the original source. I mean, I could make anything up :-)

Today is different. I just read Metro on the net and there's a new tech program on TV.

What's new is the host is a woman, Anna Charlotta Gunnarsson.

About a year ago, journalist Anna Charlotta Gunnarsson got an idea for a new TV show after thinking about just how widely technology affects people’s lives.

Called “The Whole Machine” (Hela Apparaten), the show premiers April 16th at 19.30 on SVT and is meant to get viewers to reflect on the workings of technologies that people use in their everyday lives.
“My hope is that those who watch the show will gain some self-confidence about their own technical skills,” said Gunnarsson.

It's a good idea as I believe many of us are intimidated by technology. I know this is true for computer users as I often get to help friends and family with their computer problems. Do you know anyone who describes a computer as "user friendly" unless they're selling one?

The fact that a woman is hosting the program might even make it more accessible to those who are not of the nerdier persuasion. I'll be watching. Might even come back with a review.

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