torsdag 20 mars 2008

Amazing pastels in New York

BoingBoing is a great source of inspiration to me. Theres always something unexpected and today is no exception.

A new pastel show in New York. Art by Barnaby Whitfield. Away you go! I've never seen pastels like this. In fact, as much as I love art, pastels have never quite it done for me. You live and learn.

From the press release:

From lovingly using his art dealer to anthropomorphize the ‘Bird Flu’
to finding fictional passion with Hernan Bas on a men seeking men
website, we continue to get amusing and rather untrustworthy glimpses
into Whitfield’s experience in the art world. And besides an over all
theme the artist states as “sexualizing the environmental crisis within
the context of American politics” we also see the end to Barnaby’s
quest for his real parents (Whitfield was one of those children that
always suspected they were adopted even though they knew quite well
they were not), and a startling turn of events in his ongoing Clonie
series (a character created when the momentarily impoverished artist
decided to sell nudes on eBay inadvertently gaining the attention of
31GRAND and being welcomed into the fold.)

I find the pictures pretty exciting with a lot of precision and detail, all set of by fantastic colours! Check out the post on BoingBoing.

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