måndag 24 mars 2008

The fraudulent web

Getting in the groove to get back to work tomorrow. Not all that reluctantly. I like my job. I realize I'm lucky in that respect.

There are a lot of great blogs out there but sometimes I think they get stuck behind the static. I try and promote blogs that I like so now and then I'm going to write about other blogs and bloggers. A lot of the blogs I read are in Swedish and it wouldn't be meaningful to promote a blog you couldn't read.

There are, however blogs that don't require translation. Art blogs or picture blogs can be appreciated in any language.

Take a look at this image. It's from Linda Palmer's blog P O N O R. And yes, I did ask :-)

If you follow this blog and leave some well thought out comments, chances are you'll learn a lot from this artist.

So, go on over there and make conversation!