måndag 28 juli 2008

My blog is back

My blog is back. Thanks Profy! That makes me a happy camper so I'm putting my "Happy Camper" picture up.happy camper picture

I don't know what is is with me but when something isn't there, I miss it. I don't update this blog that often but I'm glad I can post in English again. For some reason that's important to me and I quite like Profy as a blogging platform. One day soon I'm going to sit down and think about what it is I like and what I'd like more of or added here.

I have a MySpace account that I neglect something awful, Facebook is more my style. Or it's just that I had more friends already on Facebook. I've never taken to MySpace but now and then I go over there just to check things out.

Got my invite for Brightkite yesterday so I'm poking around. Didn't expect it to be very aware of my location in Sweden but I was able to position myself. I'm janderson on Brightkite if you want to find me.

I don't really know how usefull Brightkite is to me but I'm giving it a whirl.

tisdag 15 juli 2008

Real-life time

Just the way we like itI've been spending real-life time with real-life people. My daughter and granddaughter have been to visit. We spent days together.  Here we are, just the way we like it! I think we look great for our age.

Here's another outing to the open air museum in Stockholm. To bad I didn't get my other camera to work so there wasn't much point in trying to take pictures of the animals. Except the ones we could get close to, that is. Like this one.
A peacock
So we had a fantastic day but not all of us made it to the end.
The fallen
If life could be more like this, eh? Untroubled sleep (although that 's rarely a problem around here. Tip: If you have trouble sleeping, get a cat! Very inspiring in the restfulness department).

torsdag 10 juli 2008

I haven't died or gone away

Just been busy spending time with Kids and Grandkid. I shouldn't call them kids, they are grown women. One's a mother. So far we've had an Indian meal, which was very good. Other than that we've been walking and talking and I've fussed over the baby (who is no longer a baby, I find keeping up with time passing, difficult).

Tomorrow there will be more fussing. I'll be back with pictures.

tisdag 1 juli 2008

Oh, yeah. There's this


Memories are made of this...

A picture of an old bill and a packet of fagsWent to clean out an old shoulder bag to take to work. I didn't want to take my briefcase because I'm on my vacation, sort of. I found a (empty) packet of Benson and Hedges and hotel bill.

I had such a great time  in Greece. Athens and Peleponnesus. I meant to go back but I never seem to get to the same place twice. That's just my life. Allways moving forward.