måndag 28 juli 2008

My blog is back

My blog is back. Thanks Profy! That makes me a happy camper so I'm putting my "Happy Camper" picture up.happy camper picture

I don't know what is is with me but when something isn't there, I miss it. I don't update this blog that often but I'm glad I can post in English again. For some reason that's important to me and I quite like Profy as a blogging platform. One day soon I'm going to sit down and think about what it is I like and what I'd like more of or added here.

I have a MySpace account that I neglect something awful, Facebook is more my style. Or it's just that I had more friends already on Facebook. I've never taken to MySpace but now and then I go over there just to check things out.

Got my invite for Brightkite yesterday so I'm poking around. Didn't expect it to be very aware of my location in Sweden but I was able to position myself. I'm janderson on Brightkite if you want to find me.

I don't really know how usefull Brightkite is to me but I'm giving it a whirl.

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