tisdag 15 juli 2008

Real-life time

Just the way we like itI've been spending real-life time with real-life people. My daughter and granddaughter have been to visit. We spent days together.  Here we are, just the way we like it! I think we look great for our age.

Here's another outing to the open air museum in Stockholm. To bad I didn't get my other camera to work so there wasn't much point in trying to take pictures of the animals. Except the ones we could get close to, that is. Like this one.
A peacock
So we had a fantastic day but not all of us made it to the end.
The fallen
If life could be more like this, eh? Untroubled sleep (although that 's rarely a problem around here. Tip: If you have trouble sleeping, get a cat! Very inspiring in the restfulness department).

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