söndag 22 juni 2008

Now there's this

Midsummer's come and gone. It's a pretty big holiday in Sweden. Stockholm is emptied of people.

I've celebrated midsummer, hung out in a 7eleven and got a new screen.  A 19" wide. It's beautiful! At last I can use my computer. Now I'm updating from my own computer. which is better than sitting a 7eleven, by far. Next project is to get the pics out of my mobile so that I can show you some of what's been happening. I'll stick the picture in later. For now I just want to show the world things are back to normal.

I had a good comment/question about web 2.0, on my Swedish blog. I'm going to answer that later, in a post. Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed are great and I enjoy using both. They put me in close contact with technology and people that are important to me. But not all the people. Sometimes my dad calls me up and says he's read about something on the web and could I please print the page out and send it to him. He's an old journalist (retired) and has a computer in his den. That's where he does  his writing. But he doesn't want to get on the internet so I print stuff for him.

I was going to write something completely different but I'll get back to that.

tisdag 17 juni 2008

Download Day

Today is Download Day. Firefox 3 is released but it hasn't gone well. The link is pointing to Firefox 2, again,  www.getfirefox.com.

Here are the direkt links. I found them on ReadWriteWeb.

måndag 16 juni 2008

That which brings us together

For years now I've been a member of the oldest computer club in Sweden. I started in the -80s as a user group for users of the ABC-80 computer. I joined in the mid -90s. It's where I learned everything I know about Unix (which isn't much, but anyway...).

Nowadays I'm so busy round the web and at work I rarely think about the club. Shit happens as shit will, and the main server went down a few days ago, which I did notice.

There's still something wrong but basic mail and web services have been restored.

I happened to mention the club in a blog post the other day and a fellow member left a comment. He liked the blog and asked me about the Seesmic video* comments. He even tried them out and asked if I was still a  member, which I am. Would I like to be involved in a new content management system for the club?

When the club forum came back up I went over there and found a post about my blog. A very nice post. I explained about the comment system and left my email and an offer to help if anyone was interested and wanted help.

The server crash made me realize that a lot of volunteer effort are involved in the running of the club. From now on I'm going to spend a little of my time every day in the club forums and see if I can help out.

*A while back I started using Disqus comment system on a Swedish blog I write. Thanks to Disqus teaming up with Seesmic my readers can leave video comments

söndag 8 juni 2008

Infrastructure and nature

RainbowStockholm is constantly changing. A lot of work has been put in to make the Underground train stations prettier. The sun is going down and hits three prisms in a window facing a lake.

Doc Searls wrote about infrastructure and what struck me is this: For infrastructure to become art - you need someone watching.

fredag 6 juni 2008

Graduation Day

Graduation Day
I got invited to the graduation of the daughter of a friend. It's very serious and crazy at the same time. It's a time for family and a time for friends. It's all about growing. Or maybe it's a one of life's thresholds. You're neither in nor out. Mostly about family and friends.

torsdag 5 juni 2008

National Day

A picture called 6june.jpg
Today is our National Day so I dusted of this photo someone sent me last year. It reminds me of summer and nice things. I grew up in a different country to Sweden so I'm not that nationalistic. I was welcome in England so I feel we should be welcoming to others.