söndag 22 juni 2008

Now there's this

Midsummer's come and gone. It's a pretty big holiday in Sweden. Stockholm is emptied of people.

I've celebrated midsummer, hung out in a 7eleven and got a new screen.  A 19" wide. It's beautiful! At last I can use my computer. Now I'm updating from my own computer. which is better than sitting a 7eleven, by far. Next project is to get the pics out of my mobile so that I can show you some of what's been happening. I'll stick the picture in later. For now I just want to show the world things are back to normal.

I had a good comment/question about web 2.0, on my Swedish blog. I'm going to answer that later, in a post. Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed are great and I enjoy using both. They put me in close contact with technology and people that are important to me. But not all the people. Sometimes my dad calls me up and says he's read about something on the web and could I please print the page out and send it to him. He's an old journalist (retired) and has a computer in his den. That's where he does  his writing. But he doesn't want to get on the internet so I print stuff for him.

I was going to write something completely different but I'll get back to that.

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