måndag 16 juni 2008

That which brings us together

For years now I've been a member of the oldest computer club in Sweden. I started in the -80s as a user group for users of the ABC-80 computer. I joined in the mid -90s. It's where I learned everything I know about Unix (which isn't much, but anyway...).

Nowadays I'm so busy round the web and at work I rarely think about the club. Shit happens as shit will, and the main server went down a few days ago, which I did notice.

There's still something wrong but basic mail and web services have been restored.

I happened to mention the club in a blog post the other day and a fellow member left a comment. He liked the blog and asked me about the Seesmic video* comments. He even tried them out and asked if I was still a  member, which I am. Would I like to be involved in a new content management system for the club?

When the club forum came back up I went over there and found a post about my blog. A very nice post. I explained about the comment system and left my email and an offer to help if anyone was interested and wanted help.

The server crash made me realize that a lot of volunteer effort are involved in the running of the club. From now on I'm going to spend a little of my time every day in the club forums and see if I can help out.

*A while back I started using Disqus comment system on a Swedish blog I write. Thanks to Disqus teaming up with Seesmic my readers can leave video comments

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