tisdag 18 mars 2008

My first reader question :-)

Getting an email about your blog on the first day is pretty cool :-) Well, I got one with a question and I'm going to share it because it makes a pretty good point about language and identity.

Here goes:

Q: do you feel the same about your Swedish self..? I.e. would you feel
like starting a fejksvensk blogg..?
I don't, because I am Swedish. I can feel British but I'm not British! I think it's to do with living in London during my formative years and not having anyone my age to share stuff like TV programs-we-watched-as-kids, with. I can tell my Swedish friends about what was going on in my life but that's just anecdotes.

Does that make sense?

I wouldn't say I'd never find it meaningful to do a Fake Svensk (Swedish) blog but I just don't see it at this point in time.

Anyway, thanks for the attention and I'd love more questions like that because it helps me sort out why the heck I'm doing this :-)

4 kommentarer:

Kraka sa...

I never thought that it was important to share things like TV-programs,having the same books in school,have bin told the same stories as a kid, listen to the same music and things like that before. But now, when I am groving older it really make sense.I often divide people in them who remember Radio Nord and them who were not even born then. I think this really is a sign that I am very old? :-)

The Fake Brit sa...

I don't think it's about getting old, I think it's about what's important!

Kraka sa...

I think you are right! Perhaps we find out what´s really important when we are older and have learned a lot from life.

ponorist sa...

Seems to me that who/what you "identify with" as a young person is quite important as to who you think you are when you're first becoming an adult..also having others around you who understand these things/interests naturally socializes you within your peer group... I mean how could that not be the case..? Dunno know if that's helpful at all, but thought I'd throw it in here :)