lördag 22 mars 2008


Happy Easter!

It's a clear, cold day here in Stockholm. There's even some snow and we haven't seen much of that this winter.

Not much going on. The Easter holiday is very much a family affair in Sweden so people are busy visiting relatives.

I stayed home with the cat this year and to see some friends I haven't had much time for, lately.

I read in one of the large daily papers here, that the Cherry Blossom are starting to bud in Japan. This is apparently a big deal over there. People have counted the buds even and the press are covering the event as if it was a sporting event. Like Slalom, in Sweden (but probably going better :-)).

Have a good Easter! I'm taking it easy during the weekend and might miss a post or two. Don't worry if I do. I'm probably just off eating dinner with someone or going to the pictures!

The Easter eggs are from www.clipartandcrafts.com, I didn't ask 'cause it said they were free :-)

2 kommentarer:

Monika sa...

I was just woundering if you perhaps was visiting your daughters or something like that. Nice to see you writing here again. I missed you yesterday.
I have been working tonight and after that I was in the church. But now I´m home again together with my cat. I am having a cup of coffee now, the cat don´t like coffee so he is just looking at me waiting for bedtime.
Have a good Easter and don´t eat to much candy. :-)

The Fake Brit sa...

I stayed home this year and I'm going easy on the sweet stuff :-)

I try and update my blogs every day. Mostly because it's a rhythm that helps me create a good habit.

People reading and commenting helps as well :-)