onsdag 19 mars 2008

Be careful what you learn at school

I just wrote a post on my Swedish blog about writing and web publishing. I was all about getting harassed by teachers for writing to well! I got accused of copying an essay out of a book because it was so well written! That screwed my writing up for years.

I'm glad I'm over that but it has certainly taught me to be more careful when I give opinions around my own children.

I was so happy when my youngest daughter came home and told me she had a special exercise book at school for writing. Just for writing, whatever she wanted. The teacher never corrected this writing. Not spelling errors or grammar, it was just for the love of writing.

Of course my daughter had learn grammar and spelling and all the rest of it. She is quite good at that, better than me :-) But above all she is not afraid of expressing herself.

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