torsdag 3 april 2008

Some news for you

Here's some news for you, I got this from The Local.

Our Premier, Fredrik Rhinefeldt, wants Sweden to get into the action and we are not a people who readily go to war. That's why we only appear as supporting cast.

One way to get to play is jump on the peace wagon.

“And it ought to be continually emphasized, in light of Afghanistan and Iraq, that if there is to be peace on the ground, if development is to be improved, then it always starts with the military doing its job; but what’s really important is to lay the groundwork for civilian missions, that which builds a country in the long term; which creates better living conditions; and where Sweden plans to be very active.”

That means peace is all right but you have to have good war first.

Me, I always thought that peace was when the military wasn't doing their job. What do I know?

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